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Hey look! It's Stuff :D
Haha! It looks like I pulled you into this strange mind of mine. *mwahahahahaahemhercoughcough* Let's get started shall we?
The first item you see was Tweety, we can clearly see where my mind took a mild corkscrew turn.
One of these pics is a tree. Nothing more, nothing less. (people keep telling me they see things in it.) *shifty eyes* crazy peoples.
The others are pretty much self-explanitory. I would like to finish my Alice set, but alas my paint supply is not complete. (post pics of it when it's done) And, no I have not seen Planet of the Apes. Any ideas out there in cyberland for some kind of insignia or emblem to put on his patch? Thank you for reading the ramble that I've posted as a summary and Remember: ask about it if you'd like to know!

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kw · Plano, Texas, US · 17 projects
*smiles* Thank you. I had a bunch of half finished drawings done in a lighter pencil shade.(some had been there for years) I had decided to go through my journal with a charcoal pencil and trace over what was already there. From there they took on a life of their own. These things aren't anything like what I had in mind the first time. The pencils lead the way.
TH3 N3RD · Honolulu, Hawaii, US · 4 projects
What inspired you to create this? * Admires it * I like it.

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