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don´t mistook it for your real camera! :D
I originally use the tutorial found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcH9QkzR5Vc

However I did make my own adjustments, and this is what I will write below. This pouch is so fun to make! Most pouches nowadays are pretty expensive when they´re cute so I decided to make it myself.

Posted by judithchen from Ilmenau, Thuringia, Germany • Published See judithchen's 35 projects »

  • Step 1

    I basically use the pattern and modify it. The pattern starts with 22 chains, I use 40. My crochet hook is 3 mm and my yarn is standard size (in here its like that, unlike in America where most yarn has sizes. mine fits perfectly to my hook which is why I only have one hook)

    So I use 40 stitches as base and create a thick oval about 1" because I need a lot of space for my stuffs. This pouch works well as a bag organizer and this is actually my intention to make it.

    The trick is basically going around the base with single stitches while adding 2-3 stitches on the corner (see video on how it works)

  • Step 2

    Instead of single stitches I use dc (double crochet) since it will take forever for my small needle and yarn to make a big pouch. After the oval based shape is done I continue with 1 round single stitch and then 12 rounds dc.

    Then I switch to the rainbow yarn, and make 4 more round dc. then I finish with slip stitches

  • Step 3

    So, in sum here is what I did:

    Base: around 4-5 rounds (this really doesn´t matter, it depends on how thick you want it to be)

    st around

    12 rounds dc with cream yarn

    4 rounds dc with rainbow yarn

    slip stitch around

  • Step 4

    For the lens its exactly the same like in the video. create a circle with a black yarn, as big as you like. then use double yarn of the cream color with hdc around the piece

  • Step 5

    For the square grey piece on where you normally peek to take pics, I principally use a tutorial for granny squares

    hover there, it has pics so its easier to see

    I use 3 chain in the MR
    7 dc around
    the rest is the same with the pictures, I only replace the treble crochet on the corner with dc and the dc with hdc

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Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Ohh I love this. I suck at crochet but I really want to try to make one! x
judithchen · Ilmenau, Thuringia, DE · 54 projects
thanks Cat! Happy you totally can, I´m also a beginner, but the video tutorial really helps.
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