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Based on Rainbow Crayon by Cat Morley
Well, I was desperately trying to do one of these because a friend of mine who loves rainbows was sick and I planned to give her a "get well soon" gift, so, after 4 attempts, I made her a decent one with small crayons, and she loved it, but later on, when I was at the stationary I found a box of thick triangle crayons for about 1.50 usds so I bought them and started again.

TIPS: I don't know the conversion table for this, but it was what I used:

Heat your oven at 160º (celcius)

Introduce your crayons covered with foil for about 5 minutes check them WITH YOUR HAND,

Actually it was not dangerous, its like touching a hot mug, it's hot, but carefully, it doesn`t burn you, make some tests before touching it completely.

When you feel that the crayons are loosing hardness, take the package out of the oven and over a hard surface, squeeze the package with your thumb and your index fingers, like you are trying to join your index fingers through the package, not very hard, just as much as the crayons allow you.

Repeat the operation with the other side and put the package back in the oven.

Wait another 5 minutes, repeat the squeezing process, when you feel the package forms one piece, put the package in a water container to freeze it a little bit, check the consistance, if it is solid (one piece), put the package in the freezer for 5 minutes and unfoil, if the package is not solid, repeat the oven and squeezing processes one more time and use the freezer.

When you are done, and your crayon is in one piece, you can wrap it in any tape you want (decorative, masking, duch, magic, etc) this will give your crayon extra support and for using your crayon use your complete hand over it and your thumb under the crayon.

You can use an Exact-o knife to level the edges of the crayon, just be careful not to do it with unnecessary strenth, careful and pacience are two magic words in this proyect.

Hope these comments are useful for you=D.

Be careful not to get addicted to this proyect, I started doing one for a friend and now I want each and every person I know to have one =D (LOL)

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Jessica R.
Jessica R. · Baltimore, Maryland, US
that was very helpful! thank you =]