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Old Clothing Rug
This took about 20 minutes to cut the fabric and another 30 to sew it.

The rug I made was 4 ft. x 4 ft.

I used scissors, thread and a sewing machine for this project!

Posted by Leah O. from Encinitas, California, United States • Published See Leah O.'s 8 projects »
  • Step 1

    Find some thick fabric such as an old curtain. I used a purple one.

    Then find corresponding colored clothing. I used a pink shirt and floral skirt. *Larger rugs will require more clothing.

    Cut the curtain into a square of whatever size you want.

    Cut or rip the clothing into small strips about 4-5 in. long and 2 in. wide.

  • Step 2

    Grab your thick curtain or other fabric and fold the edges under to hem. Use the rough part of the fabric to touch the floor and the smooth side to put the rags.

  • Step 3

    Draw vertical lines with chalk across the length of the rug. This will help you keep the frags straight.

    Sew the strips of clothes in horizontal order down the rug.

    That's it, you're done!

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Leah O.
Leah O. · Encinitas, California, US · 8 projects
Thank you Jet!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Like this, i have sort of bought and i use them as a pillow for my cats, but too for myself. Great how to. Think that i wil use that for some other projects. Love it. thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.XO

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