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Quick And Easy Taggy Buddy For Your Little One

These are super easy and fun to make. :) • Posted by MoJo

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    Decide what kind of buddy you'd like to make ( I made a bunny ) and draw it out onto your paper. Don't worry about legs just round the bottom off. Cut it out.

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    Take two pieces of fleece and stack them wrong sides together. Pin your pattern on top and cut around it. Now is the time to add a face to the top piece of fleece if you'd like.

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    Now take your ribbon pieces, fold them in half, and sandwich them between the fleece along the bottom of your buddy. You can add a longer piece of ribbon to the top so that it can be attached to a link. Pin everything together.

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    Take your buddy over to your sewing machine and top stitch around the edge. Voila! A little taggy buddy! :D