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Quick And Easy Coasters

Lovely, quick quilted coasters! • Posted by Veenessar

This project sprung from my love of paisley and scrap fabric!

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This project sprung from my love of paisley and scrap fabric!


  1. Cut 8 squares from interesting fabric Pin 4 of the squares onto the filling ( the felt/think fabric)and cut out. (I cut 8 squares for 4 coasters due to the coasters being double-sided) (I used some felt I found laying about to pad the coaster out... but you could use any old thick fabric)

  2. I then sandwiched the padding fabric by pinning the interesting fabric on the top and bottom. You want to pin with good sides facing out at you. Make sure all of the sides and corners are lined up.

  3. Small coaster4 1269352422

    I then set my machine to zig-zag stitch and zig-zagged round the edges of the sandwich. I then repeated the last two steps for the remainder of the squares.

  4. Small coaster2 1269352548

    With the zig-zag stitch securing the 'sandwich' of fabric, I continued to 'quilt' the coasters. To created the 'quilted' look I sewed in graduating squares; getting smaller the further centred they are and finished with an X sewed in middle. You could 'quilt' and sort of pattern, for example; * Diagonal lines * Continuous line spiralling inwards * Lots of small 'X's

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    Repeat this on all coasters until finished. Then top with a bow and gift tag! (or just keep them all for yourself!)