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Revamp a top in no time!!! Yays!
So I'm into revamping now. I wanted to try if coloured hairspray works on fabric ( this stuff is incredibly cheap this time of the year ) because I had nothing else at home. Maybe it will wash out, but so what! :D

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  • How to paint a t-shirt. Quick And Dirty Stenciling For Funsies - Step 1
    Step 1

    First of all, create your stencil ( or search one on the internet ).

    To do this, grab your picture and any photo editing programme, desaturate the picture and enhance the contrasts and levels until you have only black and white left.

  • How to paint a t-shirt. Quick And Dirty Stenciling For Funsies - Step 2
    Step 2

    Glue the printed picture on a piece of cardboard with the help of double-sided tape. Get an exacto knife and cut out the black parts.

    The stencil I used here was made for another project. I just needed to try if it works.

  • Step 3

    Place your stencil on the fabric, cover the rest with paper. Make sure there's no way for the colour to escape your covering. Mine did and it came out a little bit... crappy.

    Grab your spray cans and use them in a sweeping motion from about 10 inches away. I started with a white foundation because I did not know how red alone would work on black fabric. After that, I put on a huge amount of red and some black.

  • How to paint a t-shirt. Quick And Dirty Stenciling For Funsies - Step 4
    Step 4

    Remove the paper now but let the stencil on for about 5 minutes.

    If you want a really wonky grunge look, you can go over it with e.g. black now.

    Let the piece dry for some minutes. And OPEN YOUR WINDOWS! This crap stinks and is not too good for your health.

  • How to paint a t-shirt. Quick And Dirty Stenciling For Funsies - Step 5
    Step 5

    Wear your one-in-a-million-piece with pride.

    Fool around with stencils, random household objects and crazy stuff. You might even use your own hand if you are willing to wash and rub all that crap off afterwards.

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Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
Dude... I can't get my hands on cheap colored hairspray (where I live, if you come across it, it's expired AND expensive) but I've been toying with the idea of using actual spraypaint...
Squee! · Spencer, Iowa, US · 12 projects
Oooh.. I might wash it tomorrow and try it again like that and see if it makes it stick on any better. Thanks for the tip!
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Yup, it did wash out completely.

and @LIFE: Oh nooooes! Glitter stenciling is awesome. Maybe - just maybe - you could have fixed the glitter down with somethink like hair spray or a clear spray of any kind?
Squee! · Spencer, Iowa, US · 12 projects
It looked great when I tried this, only, I used the glittery silver, and now it gets sparkles on everything.
STEVEY K. · 8 projects
did it wash out?
xOrElse · Split, Split-Dalmatia County, HR · 11 projects
hehe, I have allready done stencil of Tuomas (from Nightwish), he is soo good looking. I spend almost 4 hours!!

CO + K User

If it washes out, Awsome! You could change your shirt to your mood haha! That's great. I will be stocking up on that hairspray after next halloween!

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