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For the person who's always in a rush but can still look fabulous!
Thanks to the cold and the snow, I've gone knit and crochet crazy. And lately cowls have been the in tmhing so I made my own. I am working on the how-to and will post it up when I make my 2nd cowl (just like this one) b/c it dawned on me after I was done that I should have written it down in the first place XD Go me!

Please note, I put down 24 hours only b/c I did stop at one point to break from it but if you were to work it all day, it really wouldn't take that long to make.

EDIT: Here's the how-to on thus cowl. It's super easy so even the beginner crocheter can do it.

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  • Step 1

    Sorry for no pics on this but I realized that after the fact and thought I better just jot this down.


    Ch - chain
    Sc - single chain
    Sl st - slip stitch
    Dc - double crochet

    Start off by ch 200. For me it was more like 210 but main thing is making sure you have a good length in your chain so that it will twist around twice on your neck. Once you have your uber long chain, be sure it's not twisted or tangled when you join it in a sl st.

    Row 1: ch 4 (counts as dc and a sc), *skip next stitch, dc. Repeat from * till end. Sl st in first ch of that round to finish off.

    Row 2: ch 3, *sc in space between 2 dc, repeat from * then end in sl st.

    Rows 3-5: repeat row 2, alternating beginning with ch 2 or ch 3

    Row 4: repeat row 1

    Rows 5-21: repeat instructions for rows 3-5. This is where you can vary it to how wide you want it to be. I could have made it wider but I only had one skein when I made this.

    Row 22: repeat row 1

    Rows 23-27: repeat instructions for rows 3-5

    Row 28: repeat row 1. Fasten off, weave in any loose yarn and you're done! Hope this isn't confusing but please let me know if there's any questions (^-^)

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