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Queen Grimhilde (Evil Queen From Snow White) Makeup

Halloween inspired Make-Up Project for contest. Evil Queen from Snow White • Posted by neijie

You will need

Project Budget
Almost Nothing


1 h 30


Medium lashes 1286568748 Medium full face closeup 2 1286568818 Medium full face 1286568822 Medium full face closeup 1286568828 Medium full face closeup 2 1286568834 Medium evil look 1286568862



  1. Small alchohol 1286569122

    Wipe off any oil from your eyebrows with some alcohol.

  2. Small glue 1286569358

    Get a glue stick and glide a little bit on your eyebrows in the opposite direction of hair growth.

  3. Small brush 1286569436

    Brush eyebrows smooth.

  4. Small dsc04340 1286572160

    With a little spatula (you can use a plastic one, a wooden one, a butter knife, a manicure stick, anything smooth and flat)scoop out a little glue and and smooth it over your eyebrows. Let dry (takes about five minutes or so). Repeat until hairs are completely covered.

  5. Small white pencil 1286569899

    Using a waxy white pencil (I used NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, you can also use white concealer, or face paint)go over glue, covering eyebrow completely.

  6. Small powder 1286570383

    Go over the white pencil with some setting powder, you can use baby powder too.

  7. Small foundation 1286570464

    Now cover your eyebrows completely with a concealer then go over your whole face, including lips, using a pale foundation. I used a very cheap crappy one I had on hand; if you are going to do this look to go out, I suggest using a good foundation and concealer.

  8. Small highlight 1286570657

    Using a very light lavender eyeshadow cover your eye area all the way to the top of your eyebrow.

  9. Small second lavendar 1286570940

    Cover your eyelid with a shade of lavender just a bit darker than the highlight.

  10. Small first crease 1286571115

    With a thin brush, go a bit above your natural crease using a medium shade of purple, be sure to go from the end of your eyelid all the way to where the tear duct is.

  11. Small second crease 1286571333

    Now, repeat previous step with a deeper shade of purple, going above the lighter shade. Extend color going towards your ear and at the tear duct.

  12. Small third crease 1286571529

    Repeat the same process with a very deep shad of purple above previous crease. Blend this color underneath the eye. I also drew on the eyebrows using a brown gel liner (I find that those work best for fake eyebrows)and an angled brush.

  13. Small crease 1286572176

    Using the same method, go above the previous crease using a black eyeshadow.

  14. Small black crease 1286571920

    Now line your eye with some black eyeliner extending into the black eyeshadow, so that it sort of disappears into it. Again, I used black gel liner. I also used some brown eyeshadow on the sides of my nose to make it seem a bit thinner and longer, like hers is. In addition to this, you can make your nose seem sharper by using a black pencil and "draw" your nostrils in a triangular shape.

  15. Small lashes 2 1286572464

    Next put on some false eyelashes. I think thicker ones would look nicer than the ones I used.

  16. Small lips 1286572962

    For the mouth I used a deep red lip liner and made the top and the bottom lip shape sort of match and extended it a little past where my lips end (lengthwise) She has got a very weird mouth!

  17. Small evil look 1286573214

    I then drew in a little peak at the top of my head with some black eyeshadow. You can skip this step if you have a costume. I was trying to look sinister, but it didn't work out. lol.

  18. Small full face closeup 1286573467

    I put on a hoodie just to show what it could look like with the head covering.