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cute flowers to make anything brighter :) realy easy!
Very cute flowers that I made to adorn my brand new winter snuggle hat. :)

Posted by lily J. from New Zealand, Prince Edward Island, Canada • Published See lily J.'s 2 projects »
  • Step 1

    Firstly choose the colour yarn you want and the appropriate crochet hook to use. Easy right? :)

  • Step 2

    Now make 5 chain and slip stitch to form a small circle.

  • Step 3

    Make 1 chain, and crochet 16 stitches going through the circle. Join with a slip stitch. Next up petals!!!

  • Step 4

    Now we want to make 8 dinky petals, here's how :

    Make 3 chain. Into the same space do 3 treble and another 3 chain and slip stitch (all in the same little space.) Slip stitch the next two stitches.

    Keep going till you have 8 petals.

  • Step 5

    Now this gets a tinsy bit tricky as we,re going to start working behind what we've done.

    Make 1 chain, single crochet in same space, make 5 chain, skip two petals and work a single crochet into the gap.

    Repeat the 5 chain, skip two petals, work a single crochet, so that you end up with four of those 5-chain loops.

  • How to make a flowers & rosettes. Pretty Crochet Flowers - Step 6
    Step 6

    Into the loop work 4 chain, 5 double-trebles, 4 chain, 1 slip stitch and repeat. Two petals per loop. You should end up with 8 in total.

    Tie off an voila!!

  • Step 7

    note: Once done you can decorate with beads in centre or put on a pin. Yay for flowers!

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