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Pretty And Easy Bulletin Board

This is an easy bulletin board made out of a foam board with rolled up magazine pages as the frame. :] • Posted by magaly

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    First i found this foam board in my closet, i was ready to trow it out until i had the idea of turning it into a bulletin board!

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    First step is to detach the pages of and old magazine that you don't want anymore.

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    Then grab the colored pencil and position it at the edge of the page and start rolling the page around it.

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    Roll it all the way and put glue on the other edge so the paper stays in place, then take out the colored pencil.

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    You should end up with something like this. Make sure to make enough to fill the border of your foam board.

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    After that you can go ahead and paint it whatever color you would like your frame to be. I painted mine white first and then hot pink.

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    Then i put glue on the "tubes" and pasted them along the border of the foam board. Let it dry for at least ten minutes.

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    Staple a ribbon on the back and hang it, put pictures, notes, drawings or whatever you want and there you have your bulletin board! :D