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Pot Stickers

I love Cheesecake factory poststickers so I had to learn how to make them myself here is my version • Posted by Sister Walker

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    Let start with the wrappers, Mix the water and and flour to make a simple dough. I don't have big fancy mixers so it was time to call in the kids. mix mix mix.

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    Then turn it out on the table with flour and kneed until dough is in a nice and easy to work with leave in a ball and move to mixing the stuffing.

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    In a big bowl add ground pork which is really cheap come to find out.

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    And add soy sauce, sesame seed oil, ginger, cornstarch, and rice vinegar to the pork and mix.

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    Cut to fine shred on the cabbage, add to the pork. See baby girl's hands she is learning to cut quick like a pro. Fact the young kids working in the store always confuse lettuce with cabbage at the register in this case the lettuce was double the price of cabbage, so watch it at the register.

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    Cut to small pieces the scallions, and add to pork.

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    Last but not least smash and cut the garlic cloves, add to the pork mixture. For any that don't know the best way to get the best flavor from the garlic is to smash it first, I lay my butcher knife flat on a clove put my hand on the wide not pointy side of the blade and just press, presto smashed garlic the cut!

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    So get your hands down in this and mix. and this is your stuffing.

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    Back to wrappers you will cut little pieces of the dough and flatten into a circle. No I don't have a cookie cutter for this so I listen to the girls argue "I wanna do it" "No I wanna do it" and the I say "Well you both get to do it!" Here's a fun momma trick if I make the kids help and they see what goes into the food they are more likely to not say "I'm not eating that" I started mine as young as I possibly could with the small stuff.

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    Add a pork mixture to the middle of the wrapper.

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    And press it closed like a mini taco. Do all of you pot sticker before moving to the stove.

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    Here is the cooking part. Heat pan to med high and add canola oil when this is hot add pot stickers to the pan. Cook for about a min on each side enough to get brown. Next add 1/2 cup of water slowly to the pan. Cover and let cook for about 3 mins the water will boil away keep an eye on it. Uncover and remove potstickers.

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    Put on a plat and serve. I like to add a simple dip of soy sauce sugar and rice vinegar mix to eat with these. May not be exactly like cheesecake factory but oh yes I will get there I am practicing.