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This was a triumph! I'm making a note here-- HUGE SUCCESS.
I've fallen in love with Portal, so I've been making little things from Fimo, my main goal being a charm bracelet, all Portal-related! Unfortunately, I can't seem to sculpt a nice Portal gun. I have a finished Cake, a cute Turret, a nearly-completed Personality Sphere, an I-tried-so-hard-but-it's-not-awesome-enough Companion Cube that isn't yet finished, and a couple portals, and another little stick man. I also made a larger piece, the Portal 2 logo this morning, which I plan to bake and make into a bracelet!
...Geez. I'm such a geek. XP
I plan to do a slice of cake later on, and whatever else I can think of.
But I noticed that the Portal logo would look totally awesome suspended as a necklace as I was working on the pieces for this bracelet, so I set to work. ONLY after baking, painting, varnishing and assembling did I realize that it would have made better sense to hang the Portal from his OTHER leg... whoops :/ And I think I'm going to have to add another jump ring so it sits better and doesn't flip over all the time. Also, it's not totally smooth, and I don't think my paint job did the portal justice, but it's alright. It satisfies my need for Portal things.
All in all, though, I'm pretty pleased~! I'm thrilled to boast my geekery to the world in this way (And believe you me, there will be tons more geeky Portal things to come!)

It's all handpainted (on Fimo that I accidentally hardcore burned... apparently in my mind, 275 degrees = 400 degrees >.>) with acrylic paints, then varnished.

Edit:: Umm, I have no idea why it's under 'Shrink Plastic'... it's made of Fimo. XP
Oh well~!

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Letitia · 2 projects
Very cool Happy
xALTER--EGO · Victoria, British Columbia, CA · 4 projects
Same here!! Portal 2 looks so epic! I can't wait!
Rae · Denver, Colorado, US · 106 projects
Portal is my favorite game! Can't wait to play Portal 2 Happy

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