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Portal Themed Chocolate Cake...the cake is NOT a lie
A friend of mine was having a birthday and is a big gaming nerd. Him and I both have a passion for the game Portal. So for his birthday I decided to make a cake with a companion cube on it. If you have played the game, the cube and the fact that it is a cake should bring back fond memories and many laughs.

First, I followed the directions on the cake mix. The cake took about 30 min to bake. I then let it sit till it was cooled (about 20 min). After it was cooled I flipped it onto a plate.

While the cake was baking and cooling, I created my design. I started by creating a stencil design of a companion cube and cutting it out on a sheet from a photo album (these are like card stock but with a plastic layer). I cut out the design by placing a print out of my companion cube design over the photo album sheet and going over the lines of the design with an xacto knife.

When I was finished with the design, I frosted the cake with chocolate frosting. I then took the stencil and placed it on the cake. Taking small handfuls of powdered sugar, I sprinkled it over the design. I then lifted the design, removed the plastic layer (now covered in frosting and powdered sugar) and threw it away. Ta-da! Companion Cube Cake.

Oh and... the cake is NOT a lie.

Posted by Evelyn Vermilion from Wenatchee, Washington, United States • Published See Evelyn Vermilion's 25 projects »

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 Evelyn Vermilion
Evelyn Vermilion · Wenatchee, Washington, US · 21 projects
Thanks! This was one of the most fun cakes I've made. I want to make more nerdy cakes in the future!
Danielle J.
Danielle J. · Bellingham, Washington, US
He is a super nerd. Happy
Caitlyn M.
Caitlyn M.
OMG!!! I love Portal too, such an addicting game. That cake is brilliant and looks really yummy too.

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