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Portal Cake Cookies

This was a triumph. • Posted by Jocelyn A.

The cake from the original Portal in cookie form!

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The cake from the original Portal in cookie form!


  1. Set oven to 350F! Spray a muffin tin with PAM.

  2. Small portalcakecookie02

    Slice cookie dough into twelve pieces and place into muffin tin. Cook for fifteen to seventeen minutes or until cookies are golden brown.

  3. Allow cookies to cool. Flip over muffin tin onto tin foil and gently shake to loosen cookies.

  4. Small portalcakecookie05

    Frost cookies with chocolate frosting and add chocolate sprinkles. Add five white tufts of white frosting to top of cookie around the edge. Press a Red Hot into each section of white gel.

  5. Small portalcakecookie06

    Add a bit of white frosting in the center of the cookie.

  6. Small portalcakecookie11

    Press one candle into center of cookie.

  7. Small portalcakecookie10