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Popsicle Stick Cross

Turn popsicle sticks in to a decorative cross. • Posted by Mark Montano

(Photography by Auxy Espinoza)

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(Photography by Auxy Espinoza)


  1. HERE’S HOW: Lay 12 sticks down side by side to form a square.

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    Glue 2 sticks across from each other going the opposite direction to keep them all in place.

  3. Small picture 3 1239704940

    Start crisscrossing the sticks (using the width of your sticks as a guide) closer and closer to the center of the square each time until you have two sticks touching in the center and only room for one going across the top. This will start to form a pyramid shape.

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    Make 5 of these structures.

  5. Small picture 5 1239704965

    Start a 6th square but stop when you have about 4 layers of sticks. This will be the center square where the medallion will be placed.

  6. Let dry.

  7. Time to attach your pieces together.

  8. Small picture 6 1239705028

    Place your 6 squares together to form the cross on top of a piece of newspaper and trace around it with a pencil.

  9. Remove the squares and fill the cross that you just traced with sticks in a pattern that overlaps where each square touches.

  10. Put glue on top of the sticks you placed on your tracing and then put your squares on top. This will keep your squares together.

  11. Let dry overnight.

  12. Put your wooden medallion in the center and you’re done.