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I actually debated on making this because I didn't think it would be cute as much as it's funny. Plus what outfit do I wear these with? <.<

Posted by Abbyka from Monroe, Louisiana, United States • Published See Abbyka's 72 projects »

  • Step 1

    Poo instructions

    Using colored clay make a sphere with brown clay. When it's complete put it on a flat surface and flatten it slightly(like a thicker pancake). Repeat this with another sphere that is slightly smaller. Place the smaller piece on top of the first and gently but firmly pat in place, avoiding ruining the curves of the sides of each piece.

  • Step 2

    You will make a third sphere, smaller than the last. Instead of flattening into a pancake like the first two, place your fingers on the sides and use the table surface to flatten the bottom only. Try to form the top that isn't flatten into a cone like shape. When satisfied with the look, have the point on top point slightly downward. Attach this piece on top of the pile you've already made. DO NOT FLATTEN THE TOP, this will ruin the "whipped cream" look of it, for a lack of better words! lol

  • Step 3

    Leave a hole in the top just beside the little swirly top of the charm so you have a place to put the eyelet later.

  • Step 4

    Toilet Paper

    Take white clay and flatten it with a rolling pin. It needs to be fairly thin without causing it to be brittle before or after baking.

  • Step 5

    Using a clay knife slice a long rectangle out of the clay.

  • Step 6

    start from one end and roll the clay into a toilet paper roll shape. Leave some dangling off from the rest of the roll and even put a bit of a fold at the end of the dangling piece.

  • Step 7

    Leave a hold in the top of the roll for an eyelet screw.

  • Step 8

    Read the instructions on your baking clay, it may not be the same as mine. Times and even temps vary.

  • Step 9

    When cooled use black paint to make eyes and a mouth on the charms.

  • Step 10

    Just a dot of white paint in the eyes will give the effect of reflection.

  • Step 11

    Using pink paint a dot on either side of the face creates a blush and completes the face!

  • Step 12

    Remember to put the eyelet screws in to the charms. If need be touch up the paint after putting in the screws.

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Danniee M.
Danniee M. · 2 projects
Ariel B.
Ariel B. · Kalamazoo, Michigan, US · 23 projects
She Wolf
She Wolf · 3 projects
hehe love this I make clay poops all the time. but mine are the spiral version. Very cute!!!
Callie S.
Callie S. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 16 projects
This is really funny!
Abbyka · Monroe, Louisiana, US · 73 projects
If I can ever remember when I have the clay out making charms again I'm going to make a toilet too.
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Thats so hilariously brilliant. omg
LaRa · Catamarca, Catamarca Province, AR · 1 project
LMAO! So funny and cute!

CO + K User

I bought them, I bought them! They're mine, they're mine, they're miiineee!!!


I should have put this on the Etsy convo...but I forgot. Would it be too much to ask to have them put on earring hooks for me? I don't really know how to do jewelry that well. Happy

I can send you the hooks if you need me to.
Abbyka · Monroe, Louisiana, US · 73 projects
I might just make an etsy, will have to take a look at the site later on today and see if I can sign up. Happy

CO + K User


I want these so bad. Do you have an etsy? Or even a paypal account?

Do you take commissions? lol

These are so funny!

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