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Really easy and beautiful Wooldreads
These dreads are much lighter and thinner then felted dreads and also there are MUCH more things you can add to make them really unique. ^^

( by the way: I'd LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to see your versions <3 )

First steps:

Well, you need some wool. The best way is to get four basic strings, I had two different balls of wool in black and two different ones in purple.
This project is GREAT to use some leftovers from knitting projects etc.

Choose the lenght of the falls! You really can be somewhat exorbitant here. Knee-lenght might be ok ^^ Just think about the weight, ladies...
Now to the work:

Decide if you want to make 2 pairs like me ( one pair for the base, containing of the 4 basic wools, and the other pair with all the colourful stuff I could find :P ) or only one pair.

If you have this, you can start cutting your wool. Cut the DOUBLE LENGHT as they will be knotted around the hair tie in the middle ( look @ picture nr. 3 to see how it is done! ). They don't have to be the same lenght, it looks better if some are much shorter than others... blabla...
Cut, and cut, and cut some more...


You can be -really- creative here. Do not only use wool, but also add felt dreads ( you can find some tutorials on this page! ), sequined ribbons, some other thin ribbons, artificial hair stands ( BRAID THEM! ), blaaablabla... I even saw somebody who put these christmas bead strands in, hehe ^^

Adding the material to the hair tie:

Look at picture number three, you can see how it is done there! Easy!
If you make the basic pair, you don't have to knot them one by one there, but you can do several strands at once. On the upper pair, do maximum three at once!
Make sure the pairs are equally thick!!!


Wearing this ponyfalls:
Easy! ^^
Just bind two high (!) tails, first wrap the upper pair around ( lay the strands over your head to make sure they are upon the tail ), then add the filling base layer. Make sure they sit tight.
If they are placed and you can see the hair ties ( and don't want to ), you can easily take some of the strands that are behind the tail and put them in front of the tie ( uhm, sounds like nobody will understand this ._. ). Never comb them, just run your fingers through if you need to. If you want to wash them, use water or a VERY mild shampoo.

The wonderful thing about these hair add-ons is, that they are never finished! You can ALWAYS add some more wool or stuff if you find some interesting things.

Hehe, you can also see my favorite skullflower on pic 2 xD

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Abi k.
Abi k. · 3 projects
these are sooooooooooooooooo cool luv them
downhomehoney · Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
Im def giving these a try!ill let ya know how they work <3 thanks for the idea haha
Pepper H2o
Pepper H2o · Woodstown, New Jersey, US · 3 projects
totally making these and giving them to my goth-ish friend... along with a lolita headband
Great project!!
Emera N.
Emera N. · Bremerton, Washington, US · 1 project
totally awesome, I plan to incorporate this with a pre existing idea. Wish me luck in hopes it turns out!
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio
Lorrie Endemoniada DiGiulio · Kennebec, South Dakota, US · 9 projects
Your hair wraps are adorable! Where's a good place to get the wool yarn & how thick? I tried making some with yarn but they seem too thin. I made another pair with material so they hang waist-length. I'll put them on the site.
Jazminora · New York, New York, US
i really like these Happy might have to make myself a set from all the yarn i have laying around.
Love the colors btw
Alexis Angel
Alexis Angel · 3 projects
One word, awesome!! I really want to try to make these.
SyntheticStars · Eastleigh, England, GB · 31 projects
Cute falls... but it's a real shame you've not covered up your natural hair.. x
xXxyou'll never find mexXx
these s are gorgeous!!
Michelle Elizabeth
Michelle Elizabeth
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