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A little poncho made for my brother's 3 years old sweet daughter =)
This is the first thing I have ever made using granny-squares... I had just learned how to do one, and I had a lot of pink wool (I hate the colour pink!!), so I decided trying something easy for a little lady.

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  • Step 1

    It's easy. Can you do a granny-square? If the answer is YES, than you can do this poncho. First of all you need to take the measure of the baby's soulder. The poncho must cover the shoulder and go down, even till the elbow (so your baby can use it for at least three winters!) The measure you have is the measure of the side of the squares.

  • How to make a poncho. Poncho For Valeria - Step 2
    Step 2

    Do 6 squares, all with the same number of rounds.
    Join them like in the picture, one by one. You can make the front-side different from the back side, like I did, or not.
    After joining all the squares, I added 6 lines of pink at the bottom, because the poncho seemed to be too short without it, and Valeria is a little giant lady!
    (When I gave it to her and she tried it, she didn't seem to like it very much! X( Probably she wanted something to look like a princess! XD Whatever, this is meant to keep her warm!)

  • Step 3

    I forgot to say that when you do clothes for babies it's very important to choose a tipe of wool that cannot cause allergy! I used "Baby-wool". If you use common wool, it itches on babies' skin...so they will hate your scarf or poncho or whatever you did!

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maria t.
maria t.
Love it wish i could make one for me with my favorite colors.
Creativemind · Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US · 116 projects
That is really cute and thanx for the idea. Definitely will have to try this!

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