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Sometimes you just need an easy craft.
Sometimes you just need a craft that you’re pretty sure you’re not going to screw up. I mean, I am all about trying things outside your comfort zone and failing miserably, but just for a change, sometimes it’s nice to actually be able to do something.

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  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 1
    Step 1

    The hardest part is being able to reach your drink while you’re wrapping yarn around your fingers.

    Yeah, I drink and craft. What? You wanna start something? (Incidentally, not only was I drinking and crafting, but I was also watching TV. Multi-tasking, bitches.)

    This took surprisingly little time to complete.

  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 2
    Step 2

    Wrap a shorter piece of yarn around the wrapped pieces. Except I wrapped my longer piece of yarn around it because I am an idiot and failed at blog reading comprehension while also drinking and watching TV. Oops.

    Also, I think I may have not tied the knot tight enough.

  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 3
    Step 3

    Tie the longer piece of yarn on as the tail.

    And instead of just cutting a longer piece of yarn to replace the one I mistakenly used for this step, I just used the shorter piece to be the “tail” of the bookmark. It’ll work for a mass market paperback…

  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 4
    Step 4

    Now here’s the fun part: Cut all the loops, et voila: You have a pom pom!

    A messy pom pom, yes, and one where you can totally see the ridge where I tied the knot around my loops (which is why I think I may not have tied it tight enough), but a pom pom nonetheless.

  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 5
    Step 5

    Of course, the pom pom looks a little sad and needs a haircut, but that part is totally fun. It was really therapeutic, actually. Also, the pom pom got fuller-looking as I shortened it. (Balding people, take note: This works on heads as well. If you have a little less hair than you used to, cut it short. It’ll look fuller. I’m looking at you, combover ponytail dude.)

    I almost cut off the tail by accident several times, so uh, don’t do that.

    Also, this was messy. I had the forethought to put my sweatshirt in my lap to catch all the schnipples (that’s what my grandma calls all the little pieces that come off when you’re trimming something– Is that a thing, or is my grandma just weird?), but not the forethought to realize that yarn schnipples totally stick to fleece.

  • How to make a bookmark. Pom Pom Bookmark - Step 6
    Step 6

    Give it away as a gift or something. Everyone will be totally impressed. I'm almost certain.

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