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WARNING: Get's you A LOT of whistles!
Me and the lil sis went to see the 'Batman Live Arena Tour'. So of course we went in cosplay. I love Poison Ivy, so she was the only costume I considered.

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  • Step 1

    To make the corset, you need a basque to act as your base; green fabric to make into leaves (mine was a tshirt style fabric, but felt would look great too). You'll need fabric glue to attach them. And OODLES of patience!

  • Step 2

    Cut out a bazillion ivy shaped leaves (three points or five depending on preference, I went for three). This stage alone took me a few hours.

    I did take photos for this, but they seem to have been wiped from my camera :(

  • Step 3

    Layer them onto the basque. You could hand sew if you're very patient, but I used fabric glue and it held up ok.
    I did this in two sections-
    Sides: Point leaves inwards, do a line along the top and bottom, them build them up line by line until they meet in the middle.
    Front panel: Point the leaves upward from the waist up, and down from the waist down.
    I also added a row top and bottom to cover the neck and body line.

  • Step 4

    The shorts are really easy - buy a pair of green shorts (although mine were the wrong colour so I dyed them to the right shade of green).
    The shorts need to be as short as you dare cos Poison Ivy isn't exactly big on the clothing. You could also use a skirt if you prefer.

  • Step 5

    Tights! Again, photos were wiped :(
    I used an ordinary pair of tan coloured tights, and with a fabric pen drew on vine patterns from mid thigh to calf (as I was wearing high boots I didn't see much point in going further down. Depends on your footwear choice!).

  • Step 6

    And thats the costume. For extra authenticity, make sure you have red hair. If you don't have it naturally, buy a wig or do as I did and get a wash in, wash out dye. (I look blonde on the pics, but I assure you it was an orangey red!).
    Enjoy the wolf whistles!

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