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Poi Pattern
Here is a pattern for some practice Poi. I just started spinning poi and I didn't want to wait for the poi I ordered to arrive. If you want to learn more about Poi I suggest checking out <a href="http://www.homeofpoi.com/">this</a> website.

For this pattern you will need about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. I used caron simply soft (to be honest I had no idea how this pattern was going to turn out and I didn't care if I had to throw the yarn away) from my stash monster and a H sized crochet hook.

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  • Step 1

    Handle and String
    Chain 80 stitches (you will need to add more stitches if a 20 stitch loop is not big enough for your hands)
    1st row: HDC (half double crochet) in 20th chain from hook, creating a loop where you will place your fingers later. HDC in each of the next 50 stitches leaving a tail of 10 sts left.
    Break yarn

  • Step 2

    Poi Ball
    You may want to mark your rows with a stitch marker. Just mark the first stitch of each round so you know where the next row starts.
    Chain 4 stitches join to create a loop
    Row 1: HDC into the loop 12 times
    Row 2: HDC into first stitch to join the round, *2 HDC into the next stitch, 1 HDC into next stitch* repeat to the end of row (18 sts total)
    Row 3: HDC into the first stitch and each stitch after (18 sts total)
    Row 4: Repeat Row 2 (26 sts total)
    Row 5: Repeat Row 3 (26 sts total)
    Rows 6 & 7: Repeat the last two rows once more (39 sts total)
    Row 8: HDC in each stitch to the end
    Row 9: Repeat row 8
    Row 10: HDC in first stitch, *Decrease 1 stitch by HDC the next two sts together, HDC into next stitch* repeat to end of row (26 sts total)
    Row 11: HDC into the first stitch and each stitch after (26 sts total)
    Row 12, 13, 14 & 15: Repeat the last two rows two times more (12 sts total)
    Break yarn.

  • Step 3

    Stuffing the Poi. I stuffed my poi with some old jersey fabric to give it weight but make it soft enough so it doesn't hurt when I get whacked. I would not suggest poly fill because it is not heavy enough.

    Once the poi have been stuffed attach the handle to the ball by taking the tail of 10 chain stitches and threading them through the open end of the ball. Draw through closing the opening and fasten with a good knot. Weave in the ends and voila.

    I'm not the best crocheter and I'm sure I've messed up some of the terminology please feel free to post any errors or corrections you may find in the comments and I will correct my mistakes.



oceansblue50 · 3 projects
Thanks for posting, I'm off to try it.
Jeanine S.
Jeanine S.
what is a poi????
Detrimental Travesty
Detrimental Travesty · Sacramento, California, US · 10 projects
you spelled poi wrong it is spelled poe the ones you swing while dancing Maori dance
Twiggy · Chillicothe, Ohio, US · 12 projects
I just finished this. Thanks. Happy I love spinning poi and now I can have all sorts of colors of practice poi!
Maariyah M.
Maariyah M. · Teaneck, New Jersey, US · 1 project
erm...what is poi?
Nicole (: <3
Nicole (: <3 · United States, US · 3 projects
poi balls (:
lovers it~
cherry rabbit mama
cherry rabbit mama · 4 projects
wow i had never heard of poi before. thanks for the new knowledge!
Stickyfingers · 3 projects
Yes it is, the yarn won't break. I like to stuff with heavy soft cloth so I don't get hurt but you can stuff with tennis balls too!
Phwarfcat · 1 project
Is it sturdy enought for a tennis ball, like conventional poi?

Nice pattern!
Ryden · 28 projects
What is a poi ball? They look cute though!
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