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Based on Pocket Galaxies by Joybells
I'm just adding a new photo of another pocket galaxy. I tried a new technique on this one and it simply looks real! It's like seeing a tiny piece of the universe captured under a glass dome.

I used a large floral pebble and painted on the back in this order.

1) Paint a clear coat of nail polish on the back
2) Paint 1 coat of clear/glitter nail polish on the back

Using a tiny piece of a cosmetic sponge...dapple colors onto the floral pebble as follows:

3) Apply a faint film of navy blue nail polish around the rim.
4) Apply a faint film of a royal blue nail polish around the rim and come in slightly further
5) Apply a faint film of pink just inside the blue rims, but leave an opening in the center
6) Apply a faint film of yellow inside the pink, but still leave a slight opening in the center
7) Apply a faint film of white in the center

8) After all the color rims have been added, apply a faint film of purple over the entire back.

9) Once all the above colors have been applied, you can finish off the back by applying one or two coats of black nail polish and then add a final coat of clear polish.


Try spray painting the back with a faint layer of black enamel paint -- just enough to add some black depth to the overall image, but not enough to totally block light from passing through the floral pebble. (Use some painter tape around the edge of the floral pebble to create a clean line around the rim). After applying a faint layer of black, then finish it off with one or two coats of clear nail polish.

Important: Please allow enough time for each layer of color to dry before moving to the next step.

Please visit my project page and you can see more pocket galaxies. :-) You will probably need to cut and paste the link below into your browser.


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TK Rainy
TK Rainy · Kennewick, Washington, US · 19 projects
Wow... Now that you have perfected your art, are you going to sell them?
Joybells · Norfolk, Virginia, US · 23 projects
Yes, I do sell them along with other crafts I do. I'm definitely a crafter at heart though as I simply enjoy making stuff and teaching others how to craft more than I do trying to conduct a business.
Dona Monstra
Dona Monstra · 9 projects
OMG!! I I just saw the another version.. and you are an artist... your technique is perfect and all the version are incredible.
Really looks a hubble's photo.
Congratulations for your amazing work... and please, never stop creating beautiful things. <3
Dona Monstra
Dona Monstra · 9 projects
Dona Monstra
Dona Monstra · 9 projects
Just one word: Amazing!! *_*
Joybells · Norfolk, Virginia, US · 23 projects
Thanks so much Dona. I have been painting pocket galaxies for months, but have been trying different techniques to achieve a realistic outcome similar to the NASA photos from the Hubble telescope peering out into deep space. I was thrilled with how this pocket galaxy turned out and can't wait to try this technique on more, using different color variations. Take a look at my project page and you will see some of my earlier pocket galaxies. I like this new technique, however. It looks more realistic. Happy