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Based on Pocket Galaxies by Joybells
Here is another pocket galaxy (moon against a starry sky) that I painted on the back of a glass floral pebble. I used a hole punch on blue painter tape to help me paint a perfect circle for the moon on the back of the floral pebble. I let it set about a minute before removing the tape. I then painted a layer of clear/glitter polish. Then I dabbed on various shades of blues and purples, and finished it off with a layer of black. Use nail polish thinner/extender to water down the nail polishes on a piece of tin foil so you can dab on very thin layers of color. This will take some practice with your brushes.

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Spyderskiss · Willards, Maryland, US · 2 projects
Think I love these colors on this one even more.
Joybells · Norfolk, Virginia, US · 23 projects
Thanks. You never know what you are going to get when painting these little rascals. You have to think and paint the layers in reverse since you are viewing the image from one side while painting on the reverse side. I typically dapple the colors on very, very lightly, and it isn't until I paint a final solid layer of color (black, dark blue or whatever) that the painting takes on a kind of "atmospheric" dimensional look and you start to see all the different colors as you move the floral pebble around. It is important to buy floral pebbles that are clear and don't have an iridescent glaze. The iridescent glaze ruins the optics in the glass, sometimes making it hard to see the painted image. I've found it to be difficult to find floral pebbles in my local craft stores that don't have an iridescent glaze. Recently, I started purchasing glass jewelry tiles (cabochons) which are always perfectly clear and uniform in shape. I'm a little partial to the floral pebbles though. The glass is thick and creates unique optics, and I kind of like their irregular shapes.

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