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Gaara plush
felt Gaara plush i made for my son. took me awhile to make because i could only work on it when i had free time. you can probably make this in a day or two though. i used a body pattern posted on deviantart.com i dont remember the name of the person ill have to go through my stuff and find it. but if u know the link please post thanks. i painted on the face and toes. ill use felt for the toes next time because i didnt like how the paint looked. the body pattern is really easy to follow. i used a sewing machine for everything except shoes and hot glue to keep the hair pieces together and down.but u can also hand sew. ill try doing a how to or something if enough people want to see how i did it from start to finish it.

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Jessica · 5 projects
of course u want to stuff the gourd before u sew up the opening. and for the markings i just uses a fabric pen. ill be loading up better pictures with more light shortly.
Jessica · 5 projects
yes everything is felt. i cut two piece of i guess u would say figure 8 brown felts. put a small cuts in the bottom of the two sewed up the cuts. sewed up the sides leaving top piece open. stitched around opening pulled and tied off hot glued a small piece of rolled felt. dunno if any of this makes sense lol. if u need me to i can make a second gourd and do a step by step. just let me know.
sweetsundae0 · Ajax, Ontario, CA · 50 projects
Are the clothes and everything all just felt? And how did you make the barrel-thingy?
Jessica · 5 projects
thanks Happy
Mary Kate
Mary Kate · 34 projects
cute!!!! Happy

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