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Felt Owl of my own orginal pattern
I wanted to make a little owl that could go in the Christmas tree OR be used as a toy Or just as a little decoration. I had something like that when I was a kid. So I made my own pattern and came up with this. He is pretty popular at craft fairs and I've sold a few online as well.

Posted by Heather C. from Mt Holly, North Carolina, United States • Published See Heather C.'s 56 projects »

  • Step 1

    take a circle ( i used the lip of a glass) and trace it once. then move the circle down so that the top of the new circle is touching the bottom of the old circle. trace again.
    connect the circle with two straight lines. trace the circle again a third time on another sheet of paper. you should now have two pattern pieces. one long pill shaped pattern (the two circles connected) and one circle.
    the pill shaped pattern will be the belly and back of the owl and the circle is the face.

  • Step 2

    cut two pills. one will be the belly and one will be the back. i used a ribbed tan felt for the belly and a gray felt for the back.
    cut out the face. i used green.
    i used gray for the next three parts. cut two circles larger then your buttons for the outer eye area.
    cut a triangle for the top of the head. I used the head pattern as a reference so the top of the triangle would be rounded.
    next cut out some wings. it's a bit hard to explain but i used the head and pill shapes as a reference and then made two smaller pills shapes that fit inside the large pill but will not overlap the head when everything is put together.

  • Step 3

    time to sew!
    i used a contrasting color and whip stitch. place the circles and triangle on the face. sew on. sew on button to the circle. i put my buttons to the side of the eye so it looked like he is looking at something.
    sew the inside on the wings onto the belly.
    place the head on the belly above the wings and sew all together to the back. make sure you go thru all the layers. You will need to go thru the outside of the wings, the belly and the back ans well as the head the belly and back.
    leave a small space for stuffing.

  • Step 4

    stuff! i usually use polyfill but have also been eco friendly and used bits of scrap material.

    sew up hole and TA-DAA! neat little owl!



CO + K User

Im going to guess Naruto has no Idea what an owl looks like coz that is one CUTE owl!!! Well done!
May O.
May O. · Edgewater, Florida, US · 33 projects
WOW!!! What a jerky post...Why be THAT person?!!?? I like this lil owl. I say if naruto uzumaki can do better...lets see it!
bears · 11 projects
aw hes cute Happy

and he DOES look like an owl
Heather C.
Heather C. · Mt Holly, North Carolina, US · 56 projects
that was rude nartuo
i spent a lot of time making an original pattern and posting this project and if you don't like it, don't look at it.
how would you like it if someone made fun of a project you worked hard on?
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki · 5 projects
im sorry but that does not loook like a owl x(

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