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Playdough Food
My nephew came up to me and asked me to help him make some stuff for a school project.
The project was Indians, and he is working on Squanto, and the First Thanksgiving Dinner.
I don't have any clay or anything around, but in the kitchen we had some of my other nephews Playdough... so I used what was available to me!

I used a sewing pin to make the detail, and Glued everything onto a piece of plastic plate because my nephew wanted things to be easier to pick up (again, used what I had around).
I put a Chap Stick in the last picture to show the size of everything.

And the Turkey I am proud of the color because I MADE that color. :0) I used Yellow, Orange, and a little Blue to get that tan-brownish color. We are limited with colors available, most of them were dried out, so I had to make due and get some variety where I could.

There are: Ears of Corn, A Turkey, Zucchini, Carrots, a Cornucopia, Loafs of bread, and two pumpkins!

I sure hope his teacher appreciates this!!!

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