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Here is a low cost chic and trendy statement necklace DIY.
I love wearing a beautifully made statement necklace to enhance my boring t-shirts. Not only are the results completely beautiful, but I just love watching shrink plastic shrink in the oven!

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  • How to make a bracelet. Plastic Gemstone Statement Necklace - Step 1
    Step 1

    1) I am using shrink film for this project. It’s probably the best craft invention ever!!
    2) Print out template provided above. Be sure to print on a full page of 8.5″x11″ paper.
    3) Lay a piece of shrink film on top of the template and trace out one of the shapes with a permanent marker.
    4) Carefully cut out the shape from the shrink film and try cut a little inside of the line so that the tracing is no longer there.
    5) Punch out the marked holes on the shapes {or wherever you would like to connect the plastic}.
    6) Warm up the oven to 300F-350F. You’ll want to test out a piece of shrink film to see if it nicely shrinks. It should shrink and lay flat on the piece of card stock/cardbaord. Note: Follow the instructions on the packaging just for good measures.
    7) Use E-6000 to glue and decorate the pieces of plastics with gems and beads.
    8) Place a jump ring through the punched out holes and connect them together.
    9) Connect a larger jump ring to the end and then to a chain.
    10) At the end of the chains, throw on some closures. I like using toggles the best because it’s easier to take on and off.
    11) Now you can wear out your new awesome necklace.
    12) Be Sure to try out other shapes too!

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