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A fun a cute way to reuse a plastic bag!!!
If I say fabric, I mean what you turned the plastic bag into.

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  • Step 1

    First cut your plastic bag into a square and lay it as a 'sandwich' in between the parchment paper. Turn on your iron and put it on the parchment paper, only for a second and make sure it does NOT stay in a spot for too long. This will only take a minuite, and be carefull because it might get too small.

  • Step 2

    Take a dollar out and lay it on your plastic bag fabric. Then add about half an inch to each side. Cut it out and fold it in half. Now find a card (an id works) and make sure it fits fully on one side. Make two in total. The outside will be A, the inside B.

  • Step 3

    After that is done just use one for now. We are going to use B. Take the plastic fabric out and cut a small side. This will be called C. It should measure the hight of the id but about a inch of the length. Sew it on the half right of B. Now take a small strip of the fabric and sew it right above C. Take the velcro and put it on the strip and one on C...So they stick together.

  • Step 4

    Take the fabric out and measure just bigger than the id and make two of them. They will be called D's. Sew one of the D's on at the left side of B, near the top. DO NOT SEW THE TOP OF D! That is where you incert the card. Now take the second D and sew it about half an ince below the first D.

  • Step 5

    The velcro+ fabric strip and elastic is optional... but you do have to sew A&B together, but not the top.

    Take out A and place it on B. NO NOT SEW JUST YET! Hold it like you did sew and get the fabric out. Cut a small strip and place it in between A&B. Now sew A&B together. Also i have velcro that sticks to the fabric without it coming off but if you do not, it would be a good idea to sew it before you sew A&B.

    If you want you can use elastic. Put A&B together without sewing and find the middle. Take elastic and place it around the wallet. Make sure it holds and cut it off, but leave a little for the sewing. Take A off B and sew on the elastic to the middle of A. Now you can sew A&B together, but remember... NOT THE TOP

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