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Plastic Bag Decal

plastic bag decals :D • Posted by francis gene

fun way to decorate your shirts and recycle at the same time :D

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fun way to decorate your shirts and recycle at the same time :D


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    gather your supplies

  2. Small crafts 003 1297160833

    grab your plastic bag and your craft knife or pair of scissors, using a craft knife makes it super easy. so just cut out your design and position it on your shirt

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    place parchment paper on top.

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    and with your iron set to cotton, quickly press down and hold for about 10-15 seconds. then go over it one more time with your iron for safe measures. i know in the picture i have all the letters laid out, but i suggest you do it one at a time so that the heat from the iron doesn't melt and shrink the plastic right next to the one you're ironing.

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    then when its cooled down, gently strip of the parchment paper.

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    heres my end product. i didnt press the iron down fast enough which caused the creases in the letters. but i like the way it came out.

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    then i decided to add a mustache on the back just cause ;P

  8. im still experimenting with this, and ive seen that it doesnt always work on all types of plastic. if the plastic is too thin, it will melt and shrink before you can adhere it to the fabric. and if you do it correctly, and fast enough, the plastic will fuse on the fabric. my friend made one with garbage bags and fused it real and it survived in the wash! so have fun and keep experimenting :D