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a plastic bag made of plastic bags
It's actually pretty strong, I put a 10 lb weight in it and it only sagged about 2-3 inches

It took me a while to make because I would always forget about it, so it went unfinished for some years, but yesterday I had so many bags that I brought it out and finished it :)

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  • Step 1

    Gather as many plastic bags as you can,
    you will need a lot more than you think

    You want them to be sturdy, so either have thick bags or double up the strands

  • How to make a recycled tote. Plastic Bag - Step 2
    Step 2

    Cut up the bags into strips. I made them rather thick as I was using a large needle and I wanted it to be sturdy. The thinner bags were cut into larger strips, the thicker ones into smaller strips so that it would even up.

    Eventually the strips will be tied together (a simple knot)
    but because it gets really messy really quickly I did one bag at a time so that there weren't strands everywhere

  • Step 3

    Start crocheting the bag, with a simple circle,
    I usually just make it up as i go along.

    I started with 6 loops,

    2-in-1 for the first one
    then as you go along seeing how floppy or tight it is increase every 2 or 3 or 4

  • Step 4

    Once you get the bottom circle as big as you want just single crochet all the way up.

    To make the handle:
    I had 47 stitches so I crochet for 15 chained 9 (and skipped 9) then crochet 14, then chain 9.

    Just make the handle as many stitches as you see fit. Mine is about 5 inches, and it does stretch a little so don't make it too big

    After the chain I crocheted 2 more rows then finished off
    --of course depending on your needle and how thick you are making the bags, make it as thick as you think it should be

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