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Recycle your plastic bags and make a truly Green shopping bag like mine
I found this project online, made a bunch of plarn and then made this bag...now i use it to carry around my crochet supplies for all of my other various crochet projects. I'm going to make another for my Gram for her groceries. I have used it for groceries and it holds as much as four plastic bags would. The plarn was a pain to make but the result was worth it.

Posted by Crystal C. from Huntsville, Alabama, United States • Published See Crystal C.'s 3 projects »

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Crystal C.
Crystal C. · Huntsville, Alabama, US · 3 projects
easy...take a wal-mart plastic bag(or whatever plastic bag you have really) and flatten it out. Then fold it in half long-wise over and over again until it's about an inch or and inch and a half in width. then you cut off the handles and the bottom where the seams are. From there you take the folded bag and cut it into about 1&1/2 inch strips till you run out of bag. You then take each one and unfold it(they'll be loops at this point) and then you hook one to another with a slip knot. it's sort of how you used to put together jelly bracelets in the 80's. you fold the loops over each other and pull one taught till it knots at the end. then you make a yarn ball and start crocheting. the cool thing about plarn is that you can add more whenever you want and you're recycling plastic bags. you just make a bunch till you're tired and then crochet some. then you make more when that gets monotaneous and the whole process doesn't get annoying. Happy click on the link for a demo from the site i learned from....
Reena T.
Reena T. · New York, New York, US
how do you make plarn exactly?

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