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Plaid Winter Dress

Red plaid winter dress :) • Posted by Maja

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4 h 00


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  1. Small 1 1317148621

    Grab your material and line the lower part of the dress... i went square because i wonted a pencil dress :) ... cut two 5cm wide bands of black material and attach them to bout sides of the dress... in my case this was a little bit stretchy material because the plaid one is to firm... after that sew it all together like a skirt

  2. Small 2 1317148649

    Make the back side of bodice from black material ... attach to it smaller front size peaces of plaid material .. like on the pic.... add 3 stripes between plaid material and sew it all together

  3. Small 3 1317148783

    It is turn to make the sleeves... trace along some sleeve that you already have on some dress or smtn :) cut the fabric and add little black bands at the part that goes close to your hands... after that... sew them to the bodice from inside out :)

  4. Small 4 1317148945

    I forgot to make a pic. of this step so i improvised with 2 pictures :) ... but you just have to attach bodice to the skirt part and sew them the end you can add a belt like I did but its your choice ... :)