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Fun and yummy so easy kids can do this.
1.)spray pan w/non stick spray, enroll dough & stretch so it can be folded over after spreading sauce, cheese, pepperoni. Fold over tuck edges under shape in an "S" shape on pan. Repeat for second snake.
2.) reserve two pepperoni's for the snake tongues just cut them with a knife to have a fork and stick in mouth end.
3.)Mix two eggs w/ fork then pour into 3 separate bowls, add color to each bowl( one for each color). Use a pastry brush and make the stripes w/ the colored egg wash. Dot on some egg paint for the eyes.
4.) Bake them until golden brown. Follow baking instructions from the package of dough. Will take a little longer to get all insides cooked.
* I went a little heavy on cheese so it oozed out a bit. Cheese bandit here;)he he he
very good to eat for any day or Halloween :)

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