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A cool way to screen print at home!
I saw someone on here do a screen print and decided to try it myself! It turned out different than I thought it would but I really like the pixel look. Sorry I didn't take pictures during but I think I can explain it well enough.

Posted by Addie C. from Bellingham, Washington, United States • Published See Addie C.'s 7 projects »

  • Step 1

    Print your image! I found mine on stencilry.org, they have tons of awesome stencils!

  • Step 2

    Put your cross stitch fabric in the hoop (I'm not sure what size fabric I used, but the holes were fairly large, and I got a HUGE hoop from my grandma) and then put the stencil over the cardboard and then the fabric in the hoop over the stencil, so you are sandwiching the stencil and you can see it through the cross stitch fabric.

  • Step 3

    Mix up some elmers glue with colored paint, I used red, so that you can see where you already applied glue and can line it up with the stencil if you move it accidentally.

  • Step 4

    Use an old paintbrush to apply the glue one chunk at a time to all of the places in the stencil where you don't want paint (the areas in mine that turned out white) and make sure to do a few inches around the edges of the image.

  • Step 5

    After you do each smallish chunk and the glue is still very wet, take the hot air gun (I borrowed my dad's from his tools) and blast it at the stencil, making sure you hold the edge as to not burn your hand (it hurts!). Dry it (moving around in circles) until the glue gets filmy on the top so it will look like plastic.

  • Step 6

    Do this until you have made the entire stencil, then wait a little bit to make sure it is totally dry.

  • Step 7

    (I recommend testing this step on scrap fabric if you have enough fabric paint) Take your shirt and put the cardboard inside, because the fabric paint will bleed through. Arrange your stencil where you want it (again, it is easier if you added paint to your glue). Use the foam brush to squish tons of fabric paint through the holes in the fabric, making sure to stay away from the edges or you will have a big circle around your image.

  • Step 8

    when you are satisfied, peel the fabric off of the screen printer thing and let dry according to the directions on the fabric paint. Then follow all washing directions on the bottle. I cut the neck of the shirt so it is kind of 80's but you can do whatever you want with it! Enjoy!

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