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Pinstripe Gray Wool Glasses

Alexander Wang Pinstripe Gray Wool Glasses • Posted by carlyjcais

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    I really wanted pinstriped wool, but couldn't find out. So I decided to make my own pinstripe fabric! Just using an opaque white fabric marker and a ruler, I drew some lines on my fabric and allowed to dry. Voila! Home-made pinstripe!

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    Pop out the lenses of your sunglasses. (If using real prescription glasses, you may want to skip this and instead glue the fabric on up to the lenses instead.)

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    Spread glue on the front of the frames and press onto your fabric piece.

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    Allow to dry, clamping the fabric down with clothespins if necessary.

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    Cut excess fabric away from around the frames. Spread glue on the remaining uncovered parts of the frames and press the fabric onto them. Allow to dry.

  6. Small step6 1298631782

    Do the same for each earpiece.

  7. Small step7 1298631818

    Like so.

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    Once everything is dry, you might find that the fabric isn't pulled completely taut around the frames. I stitched around the insides of the frames, catching the edges of the fabric and zigzagging back and forth to pull tight around the shape of the glasses. Tedious but makes it look professional!

  9. Small step9 1298631857

    If there's any part of the frames that are not covered in fabric, cut tiny bits out of your leftover fabric and glue into the gaps. Snap the lenses back into place (over the fabric in the lens-wells), and wear to your next power-lunch.

  10. Small step10 1298631873

    (Optional) I could only find sunglasses with wide enough frames, and I wanted a pair of clear glasses, so I made a new pair of lenses from some plastic that I salvaged from the packaging of something I bought at the electronics store. (That packaging is clear, very difficult to cut, and strong, so I figured it would be a good substitute for real lenses.)

  11. Small step13 1298631955

    I traced the shape of the glasses frame onto the plastic, and cut two pieces, then through a process of trial and error, trimmed them to fit each lens area in the frames.

  12. Small step11 1298631909

    I then wedged them into the wells where the lenses would normally sit, on top of the fabric.

  13. Small step12 1298631936

    Because of the natural curve of the frames, the flat pieces of plastic naturally conform to that curve, and resemble real clear lenses!