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Pimp Your Longsleeve Into A Tanktop

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    Cut out both sleeves....

  2. Small diy2  2  1306259671

    Cut out the neckline.....

  3. Small diy3  2  1306259707

    Your longsleeve will look like this. Starting to being a top right ;)

  4. Small diy4  2  1306259759

    Put some decoration on the sleeve cuff (if you like it ofcourse ;) Just do what you want to do, and how you like it, be creative!

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    Decorate both sleeve cuffs....

  6. Small diy6  2  1306259838

    you can change the strings of the tanktop with braids, just cut it loose and use the braids as strings for your top...

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    You did it! Pimped your own top! Hope you enjoyed it! More kawaii stuff and DIY @ my blog!