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made out of boredom for you! • Posted by Katy M.

I got bored and my mom had bought these bottle cap rings so I went wild. when i finish making the cherry one I will finish uploading pictures for all the steps.

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I got bored and my mom had bought these bottle cap rings so I went wild. when i finish making the cherry one I will finish uploading pictures for all the steps.


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    First pour some glass beads [color depends on the type of pie you want(mine is cherry{and blueberry... took pictures in dif. steps...})] into the bottle cap, just enough to fill it up. Now pour then in to the small container (CAUTION: be careful they might bounce out every where) with just enough of the clear glue (I'm using glossy accents, elmer's glue will dry milky, some nail polish mixed with clear nail polish will certainly work well and you would not have to use the dyes) to cover all the beads. Use the chop stick to mix them up.

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    Now put one or two drops of the alcohol ink into the beady gluey mess, and mix.

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    Pour the mixture into the bottle cap. Poke around the edges with the chop stick so that the pie filling pokes up a little bit in the center. Look at glue's instructions for drying time.

  4. Now clay... I'm using paper clay, which is fragile (my mother says),but it has the right texture and feel (and its the only thing I have on hand). You can try and use sculpy but I dunno how it will turn out and please do not put the ring in the oven! (if using another type of clay ignore the next little tid bit... unless you want to, in that case read on) ok so the paper clay is white so I used tubed water color to color it. I just dabbed a bit into the clay and mixed it. (if your paper clay gets dry go ahead and spray it with a bit of water)

  5. take a bit out and make a coil about four inches long and a little bit more than half a centimeter thick. Set aside and spray with a Little bit of water.

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    Now roll out the clay with the round pencil until it is proportionality skinny... or maybe about 1/5 of a centimeter... or something like that... maybe a bit smaller... ITS REALLY THIN then cut in to half centimeter strips

  7. Weave the strips leaving little holes so you can see the fruity center of the pie. (for paper clay or other water based clay: Spray with a little bit of water and then let it soak up a bit to help it stick together a bit more)

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    Place the weaved clay on to the bottle cap. Trim the excess off by pushing down on the edges, being careful not to mush the clay that is staying on the bottle cap.

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    Take the coil perimeter of the bottle cap being careful not to press to hard. take a dull edge like a clay knife or a credit card to press the ridges into the coil.

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    for a just out of the oven look take a q-tip and a brown charcoal. Rub the q-tip on the brown charcoal until there is an ample amount on the q-tip. dab on to the pie. seal with clear nail polish for a glossy finish or a mat gel medium for a dull surface (I used the gel medium).