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Cute little Kawaii bow- a fun fashion accessory that can be made in under ten minutes
This cute little Kawaii bow is a super quick and easy project. It can be made in any colour, so why not make a few?

Posted by DizzyPrincessX from London, United Kingdom • Published See DizzyPrincessX's 9 projects »

  • Step 1

    First of all, set your Hama beads out on the pin board in a bow shape. If desired, use white beads to make it look as if the bow is shiny.
    Use black beads to outline the shape (including the middle section).
    To create an ombre effect (like in the photograph), use at least two different shades of your chosen bead colour.

    If you put a bead in the wrong place, just remove it from the board carefully using the tweezers.

  • Step 2

    Set up your iron on the lowest heat. Put a piece of baking paper over your beads and carefully iron the bow, pressing down on each area (but not for too long!). After a couple of minutes, the beads should begin to merge into each other.

  • Step 3

    Now just unplug the iron and leave the board to cool. After about two minutes your bow will be ready to peel gently off the board. Voila! That's it.

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