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I just love to over do it
I always used a backpack around. Anywhere. Anytime. Even if I didn't have school. But it was too big and I almost don't carry books around, just my stuff (a lot of stuff I must say. Most is useless, but what can I do? :) ). So I bought this plain black one-shoulder bag (I don't like to carry those purses that stay under your arm. Oh, I'm so bad with vocabulary!).
It was a bit more expensive than what I wanted to pay, but it's really difficult to find comething I really like.
Of course I would not carry a plain black bag! So I just.... put a lot of stuff decorating it. A lot. Maybe too much, but I keep changing it and adding stuff.

Sorry for the lack of quality of the pictures, I don't know what's going on with my phone camera :(

I use it on the right shoulder (and if I put it on the left one, the bag stays on the right side of me) so the bow is seen from the back :)

Yes, I love thin chains and safety pins. I got another two chains and decorated them and now I use them as necklaces :P

I just hpe this crappy decorated bag can give you some ideas to personalize your own! :D

The only things I bought were the big and the small safety pins. A box with 6 big and 6 medium ones was 1 euro and a box with dozes and dozens of the small ones was 0,75 euro. About the time.... I bought it three months ago and is still not finished. never will :)

(I think it will beep when I go through the airport security tomorrow :P)

PS: That thing with 'SORRISO'. It means 'smile' and it's a portuguese organization that helps people with HIV, specially children. I didn't have much money with me, so I only had 1,5 euro to donate. They give a blacelet to tie to people who donate, but I decided to put it on my bag :)

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Liking the idea Happy the chains and safety pins look awesome Happy