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Personalized Picture Book

personalize a picture book for a baby gift! • Posted by ZanyDays

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    I used an old pair of my husband's jeans to make 4 rectangular scraps.

  2. Small img 8862

    I cut two equally sized scraps of batting.

  3. Small img 8855

    I cut my shapes out of some random scraps I have lying around.

  4. Small img 8858

    I placed the shapes on the denim where I needed them to be. Be sure to position them around the 1/4 inch seam so that they don't get caught during sewing.

  5. Small img 8860

    Pin and Sew

  6. Small img 8864

    Placement for sewing: Batting, denim right side up, denim right side down. Make certain that all of your edges are lined up. Missing an edge is so very annoying!

  7. Small img 8865

    Sew around the edge in a basting stitch, making certain to backstitch at the beginning and end. Leave on end open for turning.

  8. Small img 8868

    Gently turn it right side out.

  9. Small img 8871

    Top stitch around, folding under the edge you left open for turning.

  10. Small img 8873

    Stack the two pages on top of each other and sew straight down the middle, being careful to catch both pages. Use a denim needle since you are essentially stitching through 4 layers of denim and 2 layers of batting. It's rather thick.

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