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dress up game clothes
This is a really easy project, but I think it can be helpful and also fun :) You can see wich colours fit you, what shapes etc.

Posted by Kata B. from Csömör, Pest County, Hungary • Published See Kata B.'s 24 projects »
  • Step 1

    Firstly, take a picture of yourself, in underwear or swimsuit. Make sure you stand and look squarely to the camera. (Sorry, no pictures of this step haha :D)

  • Step 2

    Now, look for some cool clothes you'd like to wear. e.g. delias.com has pretty much clothes with white backgrund. Dowload some of them.

  • Step 3

    Put your pictures and the clothes to photoshop. With the magic eraser tool, erase the white background of the clothes, so now you can put them on your body.

    You can mix & match the clothes, it's fun and it can help you to spend less time in the crowded shopping malls. Also, you can find out easily what clothes look good on your body type (I am pear shape, so A line dresses & skirts look good on me)
    Hope I helped, if you don't understand something please tell :)

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The Twins
The Twins · 9 projects
really nice idea!
i will try this... too bad that i have no photoshop
just a little tip: when you change smth on a picture i would recommend to delete the steps you did before saving the pic. otherwise it is "easy" to follow your steps back.
im sure you dont want the world to see you naked ;)
Nearlythere · Sligo, Sligo, IE · 1 project
That's actually brilliant! I love it, heh. OK, and then if you're really good you can trick friends into thinking you actually OWN said dress Happy