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Done during a Jewellery Class, one night a week for 8weeks
Jewellery class again:

I haven't put a time on here cos it took a couple of weeks, to complete.

1. creating didn't take long at all, even though it kept drying out and being stupid to handle

2. the kiln, since we were using the College one it had to be filled with more than just a couple of pendants & beads etc

3. once baked they needed glazing (3 individual layers one on top of the other to ensure colouring worked)

4. once glaze was baked too, they were complete apart from some filing, some of the work had to be smashed due to glaze touching the kiln wire, the only way to get them separated is to break the object... unfortunately one of the glaze colours a lot of us used 'Christmas Red' came out colourless entirely & for those of us who used more than one glaze per object the colours mixed & changed our designs.... fun fun fun

have definitely decided Fimo & Clay are not my things, Wire on the other hand ^_^

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