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Make something from nothing!!! • Posted by Jennybee

Make something from nothing!!!

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Make something from nothing!!!


  1. Small dscn0529

    Clean and dry your can.

  2. Small dscn0530

    Sand any sharp edges.

  3. Small dscn0531

    Inner fabric or paper, measure, draw a cut line. Cut across.

  4. Small dscn0533

    Use double sided sticky tape all around each side right up to the corners. Stick inside carefully - it may be a bit tricky depending on the fabric.

  5. Small dscn0539

    Measure, cut, glue the material for the outside of the can. Trace around the circle on the bottom of the can, cut, glue and stick to the bottom. No one will know it once had baked beans inside!!!

  6. Small dscn0540

    When finished you have a new fresh decorative pot..make different colors and line them up. Use for stationary, make up brushes or flowers!