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Beyond appearences they are nutty and yummy.
I love peanut butter and i love cake, so thought I'd mix them both together.

Took a basic muffin recipe, but added half a jar or crunchy peanut butter. tut tut.

I then made some frosting using icing sugar, peanut butter and a wee bit of butter. it was extremely yummy, but very sweet.

Still managed to eat 9 out of 12 though. tut tut.

Once I make these again and work out the exact recipe, i'll turn this into to a how-to.

Posted by Skacore_Princess from Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom • Published See Skacore_Princess's 29 projects »

  • Step 1

    heat oven to 190 degrees c
    melt the butter and peanut butter in a sauce pan over a low heat

  • Step 2

    sift the flour and baking powder into a large bowl, lightly beat in the sugar

  • Step 3

    in another bowl combine the milk, egg, melted butter and peanut butter

  • Step 4

    make a well in the bowl of dry ingredients (flour, sugar) and add the wet ones (milk, egg, butter)

    mix until flour is moistened

    the mixture will be a bit lumpy, you don't need it to be smooth

  • Step 5

    divide the batter in to 12 cases
    bake for 25-40 mins, well until golden on top

    take out and allow to cool

  • Step 6

    now the topping

    cream the extra peanut butter and icing sugar in a bowl, add honey and vanilla essence
    beat in enough milk to make it smooth and spreadable
    frost you muffins...

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Buttons · Portland, Oregon, US · 2 projects
Looks like two girls, one cup cake. Haha just kidding...
GreenLeaf · Essex, England, GB · 52 projects
Unusual but look delicious!
Shasta · Minneapolis, Minnesota, US · 37 projects
sounds delicious!