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Make your hair and skin feel as soft as a peach- or Princess Peach's!
Okay, so Princess Peach doesn't really have anything to do with this project. However, today I whipped up a peach based hair mask that doubled as body mask and it left my skin *and* hair feeling unbelievably soft! So here I am, to share it with you Cut Out and Keep folk.

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  • Step 1

    Gather three peaches- very ripe and soft ones, preferably- and peel them. Place them in your bowl and remove their pits. Using the masher (or a fork), mash it up until it becomes rather paste-like. You could always liquify the peaches in a blender, if you prefer. Either way, you should have some mashed up peach concoction in your bowl!

    Those of you with longer hair should note that you will probably need more peaches- I'd say about four or five, as I have short hair.

  • Step 2

    Add your three tablespoons of honey to the peaches and mix. Now comes the oat flour; I make my own oat flour by pulverising some large flaked oatmeal in my Magic Bullet. Add the cup and a half to the mixture and stir it. It should become more solid and creamy. If you want to add some more protein for your hair, replace the 1/2 cup of oat flour with chickpea flour (still using the cup of oat flour). Chickpea flour makes my skin and hair extremely soft. Lastly, add the three tablespoons of almond oil and stir (note: you can use any oil on hand).

  • Step 3

    Apply the paste to your roots and hair. I do this over my kitchen sink, as it is quite messy. Make sure your entire head is covered and you've used up *only* half to one third of the mixture- the rest is for your body.

    Cap your head off with a shower cap so nothing drips. This will also lock all the moisture of the mask into your cap, making it more effective.

  • Step 4

    You should leave the mask on for a minimum of thirty minutes- I left mine on for forty. However, when I had been wearing the mask in my hair for thirty minutes, I trekked upstairs to apply the mixture to my body (as it should be left on your skin for ten minutes minimum).

  • Step 5

    Apply the mask generously to your body (I did this in my shower while the water was not running- once again, messy business!) When the paste has been applied, massage it into your skin for some exfoliation and relaxation. I do this starting at my feet, and give my body a thorough rub down. The actual "scrubbing" is key when it comes to the mask leaving your skin uber smooth- although peaches contain acids that exfoliate dead skin cells, they are very gentle. Manually sloughing off dead skin adds an extra punch of softness.

  • Step 6

    When you have "worn" the mask for ten minutes, hop in the shower. Massage the remaining off of your body. Soak your head and, using your fingers, massage any of the mask out of your hair.

    I conditioned my hair after rinsing out as much as I could, and everything pretty much came out after I rinsed out my conditioner. You could finish off with a vinegar rinse if you want your hair to be shiny and smooth!

  • Step 7

    Be amazed at how smooth your skin is, and how soft, healthy and bouncy your hair looks and feels.

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Almost Insane
Almost Insane · 5 projects
Can't wait to try it!
Pomka Love
Pomka Love
Oooh! I love peaches! yay <3
*Witchy Rachie*
*Witchy Rachie* · Holon, IL · 70 projects
ooohhh, this sounds like itll smell amazing! :-D
Ruthie toothie
Ruthie toothie · Kilkenny, Kilkenny, IE · 13 projects
this is brilliant! just five mins ago i found a bowl of over ripe peaches in the chaos of my kitchen and felt awful that they were wasted. yay!! ^^

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