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Tasty, Soothing Tea That's Not Mint or Ginger
I have bad stomach issues and I'm a diabetic so I can't exactly pound ginger ale. Sometimes strong spices irritate my stomach so the mint and ginger teas weren't really doing it for me. So I went to the tea store and asked for some help. The girl suggested white tea. She said it might help because the antioxidants. So I tried it and it did. Then I discovered the joys of adding fruit tea. I buy from Teavana and I get the Silver Yen-Zen Pearls and either Beach Bellini or Peach Tranquility. I tried other fruit teas and my stomach just didn't like them. Peach seems to be a winner. If you don't have Teavana, any loose leaf tea will do. I recommend getting a quality, plain white tea and then mixing it with a herbal tea. For some reason this combo is better than just a fruit tea. I drink it iced (tummy doesn't like hot). I make no guarantees. This just works for me.

Posted by Melissa Beth from McLean, Virginia, United States • Published See Melissa Beth's 85 projects »

  • Step 1

    Heat up some water. Preferably 175 degrees Fahrenheit. You want it hot but not boiling.

  • Step 2

    In the vessel in which you are making the tea, a pot, a teapot with a mesh strainer, or a tea maker, add 3 teaspoons of the white tea (it's potent, so you don't need much), and one tablespoon of peach tea.

  • Step 3

    Pour 16 oz of water over the tea leaves and let steep for five minutes. However you want to do it, pour tea through a strainer (or remove your infuser) and pour into a large cup filled to the top with ice. You want a lot of ice to get it cold so use a cup larger than 16 oz. Drink up and feel better!

  • Step 4

    My tea is expensive but, if you save the tea leaves, you can use them to sew it a second time.

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