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A colourful crochet blanket made from odds and ends of yarn
I made this out of several different yarn brands, doesn't really matter what you use as long as the squares turn out about the same size.

The pattern for the squares is as follows:

Cast on and chain 19
Row1: ch3, triple crochet into 4th chain from hook and continue to end - 20sts
Row2: ch3, trcr into 4th chain from hook, *skip 1 st, trcr 3 times into next st, sk 1, trcr 3, rep from * to end - 20sts
Row3: ch3, trcr into 4th chain and across - 20 sts
Row4: ch3, trcr into 4th chain, skip 2 sts, trcr 5 times into next st, sk2, trcr5, sk2, trcr 5 times into next, sk2, trcr3
Row5: as Row3
Row6: as Row2
Row7: as Row3
Row8: as Row4
Row9: as Row3
Row10: as Row2

Apologies if this is confusing it's the first pattern I've ever written. The larger squares are the same basic pattern starting with 39 chains, so they are 4x the size of the regular squares.

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