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Pasta With Turkey Meat Balls And Sauce

yum • Posted by teisha m.

im a bit bad at explaining. but I hope if you do understand you enjoy ^ ^

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im a bit bad at explaining. but I hope if you do understand you enjoy ^ ^


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    first mince the carrots and onions and toss them into a pan. (if you bought fresh mushrooms which I couldn't find at the time when grocery shopping and had to buy canned ones, toss them in too) turn the heat up to medium and pour oil over these vegis while these are cooking mince the tomatos,garlic and parsley and put them on a separate plate for later

  2. after you done with the tomatos, garlic and parsley, grab a bowl and sprinkle in some chili flakes,a tiny bit of parsley,ground pepper, a splash of hot sauce and oil. mix it together then grab your minced meat. take out small clumps depending on how big you want you meat balls, then roll it into a ball. once you've done this roll the meat in the mixture to season it. continue to do this with the rest of the meat balls and if you run out of the seasoning add more. once you've done all that turn on another element to medium and place a pan on it then add the meat balls. cover the pan with a lid and leave the meat balls to cook ocasionlly checking them.

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    when the carrots are almost cooked, add the tomatos,garlic and parsley to the pan. stir occasionally

  4. fill a pot with hot water then put on the stove on high heat. when the water is boiling pour in the noodles. sprinkle in some salt and pour in a bit of oil to help the noodles from sticking.

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    once the carrots are cooked, pour in the tomato sauce and mix.(if the sauce is watery add the tomato paste) when your meat balls are cooked and ready, drizzle on some bbq sauce and mix them around in the pan. after you've done this, turn off the burner and add the meat balls to the sauce.

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    mix the meat balls around til they are covered. shake in 5 drops of hot sauce (or more if your a spicy loiver like me. or less or none if your not into that stuff)

  7. when the noodles are cooked drain them and put them back in the bowl. mix in some butter.

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    serve how ever much noodles you want then add your sauce and meat balls on top. maybe even some left over parsley to make it look fancy :)

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    then enjoy!!!