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Manchester, England, GB
Papier Mache Yoda
Wallace And Gromit Themed Child's Party Food
Papier Mache Wallace And Totty
Denim Bag From Old Jeans
Papier Mache Dalek

Made for my son's Doctor Who themed 7th birthday party. I used a huge cardboard box opened out to the shape of the 'skirt' and covered with rows of plastic circles cut from plant trays, a second box opened out for the middle section and a space hopper (covered in cling film so I could slide it out again) for the shape of the domed top. Decorations were sink plungers (of course!) and other bits of plastic and a paper cups - all covered with layer upon layer of papier mache.

I reckon it took me about 10 hours altogether so was a real labour of love but all I had to buy was the sink plungers and paint which cost about £10. It was the hit of the party and currently lives in my son's bedroom.


Quilling Paper Cactus

Quilling Paper Cactus

Mini quilled cactus for those with less than a green thumb

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Kawaï Papercraft 1

Kawaï Papercraft 1

just kawaï

♥ 30
DIY Paper. Butterfly

DIY Paper. Butterfly

Paper Butterfly Stickers with Smileys!

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Paper Ice Cream Cone Project

Paper Ice Cream Cone Project

Mmmm ice cream... This paper ice cream cone craft is a cute summer craft that is great for kids of all ages. Simply print our provided template and let your child color in the scoops to creat their own flavors. Our daughter decided to make pink vanilla ice cream! Once the cone is glued together add an extra level of fun by adding on sprinkles. This is a fun summer craft for kids that incorporates scissor skills, gluing skills and fun sensory play.

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2.5" Paper Baseball Caps

2.5" Paper Baseball Caps

Print & build, or customise your own Paper Baseball Cap

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Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Build your own mini New York skyline.

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Alice Paddock
Alice Paddock · 6 projects
I wish my mom was nice anough to make this for me.....
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1369 projects
I love Daleks, they're a bit of an obsession for me. Awesome job!
Brandy G.
Brandy G.
That's so cool! What a great mom you are!!!

Next you need to make a couch to hide behind!
melissa r.
melissa r. · San Francisco Bay Area, California, US
very cool

CO + K User

This looks like a mammoth prjoect! You did a really good job x
Mafalicious · 4 projects
Wow! You are my new hero!

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